Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, here I am again! Another crazy week down. I think my life might just gonna stay crazy from here on out!

Last Friday night I escaped the insanity and went to Craft Night at church! Love it! I actually finished up wipes cases that I had started a year ago. Whew!

Tyler and I went on a date night to the drive-in. Green Lantern and The Hangover 2.

My most favorite Instagram picture ever!!! Love them!!!

This week we had two pool parties (and an invitation to a third). The boys had a blast.

And I loved that they had goats!

Saturday, I am hosting a Ball Canning Party. Got lots of goodies in the mail.

And pool party number 2.

So who are you on Instagram? You can find me at abbrandes.

life rearranged

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