Friday, August 5, 2011

Well, Hello August!

Whew! Where in the world did July go? Oh, I know- it went by really quickly! 

Here's my Instagram pics from the last week (just to show you how quickly one week of July went).

So last week at this time, Ben, Warren, and our friend, Tyler, and I went to see the Smurfs. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was really cute. The boys really enjoyed it too.

Afterwards, we packed up and headed home from being in Florida for 9 days. Awesome trip and visit, but whew, it was a long night trip home. But really the only way to travel with small ones.

When we got home Saturday morning, we celebrated three wonderful years of life for my precious nephew, Camden. Happy Birthday, sweet boy.

Just a funny picture of my brother in law, John.
"So, what is this Instagram, anyway?"

I've been working on this picture for quite some time. Golly, after finally finding the frame (thanks, sissy), I ordered my prints, cleaned the glass, broke the glass, ordered new glass, new glass too small, glued the glass, glue bubbled up, hubs had to straight razor the glue off the glass, clean the glass, fill the frame and display. See that wasn't too hard, Ha!
I am so proud to finally have it where it should be- looking like it should!

I'm loving (I'm abbrandes, if you want to follow). And I found this yummy recipe for zucchini fries. Warren and I were the only ones that like them. They were really yummy; you should try them!

Carson is always busy. The other day he found my empty crockpot; I had just made a wonderful pork carnitas (that I need to write the recipe for). He decided to climb in and have a seat. Silly boy.

And we did pizzas on the grill- super, duper YUM!!! To NEED to run try these. No, seriously, go!

And my hubby, Tyler cooked breakfast. Gotta put it on a stick!

Last night we took all the kids (minus Camden) to Mountain Snow. One last time before the end of summer!

Prior to Mountain Snow, we had dinner. I ordered from Home Cookin' To Go again. It was wonderful. Pot Roast, Red Potatoes, and Carrots. It also came with salad and homemade biscuits (um, yeah, they didn't last long).

And today, we went to Knoxville. I popped in World Market. Loved it!

So, how was your fast week? 

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