Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween night, one of my friends suggested we go over to the nursing home and assisted living facility. They give all the residents (that want to hand out) candy and they line the hallways. It was GREAT! Indoors and not too cold, safe, and just generally fun. The boys had a blast getting candy (and eating some). Carson loved lollipops- in fact, he got quite upset when I took it away! We also got to see my grandfather, Poppa, who lives in the assisted living side of the facility. We got so much candy that we didn't make it all the way around! We had to stop about halfway through! 
We also made a stop at a local photography studio that was running a Halloween special. I think we got some great pictures of the boys. We also stopped at Nannie and Grandad's, Nannie and Jack's, Mrs. Sharron's, and Mrs. England's house. The boys had such a good night and looked great in their costumes!

Ben the FL State Trooper, and Warren was a FL Gator, Albert.

Carson was a shark!

Boys with Poppa

Carson and his lollipop

And then the boys took a break in Poppa's apartment!

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