Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Summer Randomness

The kids went to VBS at Valley View Baptist Church. They have the best VBS around! Our kids love it and get soooooo much out of it. On the way out there (cause it's really out there), you pass by an elk farm. Not something you see everyday. Man, are they gorgeous creatures (and bigger than I expected).

They know how to throw a great family night ending to VBS. Here's the kids getting soaked with the fire hose. Good ol' fun!

Another day I let the boys draw from the Summer Activity Jars. They drew bowling. Since we were going to Cookeville anyway, we stopped at IHOP to get some breakfast and strength for our big game!

Look at that form!
 We are not the best bowlers in all the world, but we sure did have fun!
 Picking Grandad and Nannie's tomatoes.
 Carson took care of the kids while the big boys picked tomatoes.
 And the boys went to the drive in! They had a blast.

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