Saturday, September 8, 2012

Instagram Friday

Here's a quick recap on our week via my favorite app, Instagram. It is so easy to take pictures and change them quickly while sharing with friends and family. I love it!

Our first stop was a local taxidermy shop. Not somewhere I go every week! Boy was it neat. They had tons of animal going to a lodge in Alabama. Super cool- including the almost 9 foot kodiak bear!

The fair is in town this week. Tyler has to work this year for the fire department. One night I went and met him and we walked around and experienced the tractor pull for the first time. Very interesting! We also took our friend's boy around with us.

On Labor Day we visited Poppa. The boys had fun seeing him!

On Tuesday night we took the boys to the fair. I love getting to see all the animals. They had some beautiful chickens and rabbits. I thought it was funny that the bunny ate his first place ribbon- oops! The boys also got to pet a cow. 

They had fun riding the rides. I couldn't keep Carson off of them!

Camden got to go with us too!

Yesterday I took another friend's little boy to run some errands with Carson and I. Petco is amazing when you are 2 years old!

Somebody loved having cupcakes for dessert!


landon Smith said...
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Janette Johanson said...

The great thing about instagram is I get to enjoy the pictures real time! It is my addiction!! Love following your pictures! Great shots!

Ashley said...

Yes, Janette, Cause lately, I've been a horrible blogger! HA!