Thursday, January 25, 2007


Today we are in Tennessee. I flew up with both boys to visit family on Wednesday. We had this planned for a while to have a "girls' weekend." But as time drew closer it didn't work out with everyone. I still had the plane ticket, so we came on. Man, is it cold!!! In Florida, we have been having 70s still (and high ones at that). Tonight it is 27- and probably will be colder. Yikes!!! The boys are having lots of fun. Today, Benjamin went with Ci-Ci(my mom) to get her nails done, run errands, and take Poppie(my dad) lunch. Warren has been busy crawling all over Ci-Ci and Poppie's house. Nothing is safe (especially Gus', the cat's, treats)!!! Sorry no pictures as I am at my parent's house. Will post more when we get back to Florida. Thanks for reading!

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allison said...

have fun freezing to death!!! Meanwhile, it's gotten really cold here!!! It's a little shocking w/as warm as it's been! Looking forward to hanging out w/you next weekend! :)