Monday, January 29, 2007

We're Home- Well, some of us!

These pics are of Warren getting ready for the COLD!!! He wasn't too thrilled with his new hat! In the next second he ripped it off! And Ben doing his breathing treatment (he has Reactive Airway Disease, so we have to do treatments when he gets sick). He is getting better with them. This time he wanted to stand up and dance!
Warren and I got back from Tennessee last night (late of course!). Benjamin stayed in Tennessee and is coming back with my mom on Wednesday. I am looking forward to getting to spend some time with just Warren. Mom said that Benjamin got up in the middle of the night and went potty. They had never heard him! When he got up this morning she was wondering why his pj's were on backward and inside out! He said, "yeah, Ci-Ci, and my pull-up is on backwards too!" It was! What I big step in the Brandes household!
On Saturday of this past weekend we got to visit family in Crossville. We all had a great time- especially Benjamin and Sophie, our cousin. They play so well together. It was so good to see everyone- as usual. That night Mom, Missy Joyce, Laura, Amber and I went to eat at a Japanese Restaurant and to see a play at the Cumberland County Playhouse. We all had a good time and many laughs! Sunday, the kids and I did not go to church. Benjamin has been getting a cold and I didn't want Warren to pick up something new. Plus it was a high of 26!!! Warren and I got packed up and headed back to Florida. It is good to be home (and warmer)!
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