Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from The Brandes Family!

Today was fairly crazy around here. Benjamin went to school this am. They were having a party for Valentine's Day. I made cookies (egg and peanut-free) in the shape of hearts and put them on sticks. I iced them and put them all in a "bouquet" and took them to his class. They didn't look great (thank goodness it was for 3 year olds) for all the work I put into them. But Benjamin has told everyone about his cookies Mommy made him. Warren and I went to bible study while Ben was in school. I forgot the Valentine's (I have had ready for 2 days!) and had to go back home to get them. Luckily, Theresa and Tyler were able to keep us company. Getting out of the house with the two and getting everything they need done before we go is a big challenge. I am sure it will get better! We came home and Joy (3 yo neighbor from across the street) came by to give Benjamin a cookie she made for him. She was able to stay and play a little bit. They have so much fun!!! Warren joined in just like he was one of them. He wouldn't go down for his nap because of all the commotion. I got to take a nap this afternoon- man did it feel good. I got a Valentine's present of Sherries Berries chocolate dipped strawberries and dipped cookies. YUM!!! Secretly I think Tyler got the berries for me, but the cookies for himself. Thank you honey! Tyler got home at almost 6. The physical portion of his training started today. He was beat. It will be so good for him though! Off to bed. Take care! And Happy Valentine's Day.
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Elizabeth said...

The boys are so cute. I'm sure your cookies were fantastic, or just pretend they were great and dont worry about it. Mom and I just missed you guys on Saturday, we need to try to see y'all next time you are up. Love you guys all bunches.