Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy Rest of Week

As you can tell by the pictures we have had a busy couple of days here in TN. Warren has been exploring and loving every minute of it! Benjamin and I have gone back to the doctor- another antibiotic, sinus infection this time. Warren has dipped his toothbrush in the toilet and then proceeded to brush his teeth. Wonderful! Benjamin has been "helping" his Ci-Ci out greatly. And to top it all off the weather is wonderful. The trees and flowers are starting to bloom. It is nice to actually see spring! Well, I will be leaving tomorrow for North Carolina. I hope they have a great week without me!

Warren trying to get into the dishwasher!

Benjamin helping Ci-Ci wash some dishes. He came and told me afterwards that he washed a pot "All by his self!" I think he got more bubbles on him than the pot!

Warren eating asparagus. Yum! Then he was tired of sitting so he stood up in the high chair.

Benjamin in the bath last night. I bought some Sudsy Mudsy. It doesn't wash off really well, but we got him clean!

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