Saturday, March 31, 2007

Since I have been gone!

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I have been gone since last Sunday. Here are some of the videos I recieved. Sorry about Benjamin talking about using the restroom. Oh well, three year olds! What can you do with them!

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BigNate said...

Hi Ash...shoot me an email sometime when you have break. I want to ask you a question about your blog. Thanks!

Ps. You're an awesome blogger! I wish I could post more often like you!!


BigNate said...

If you don't have my email, big_nate_johnson_@_gmail._com

Of course, take out the underscores...sorry about those, there are spam bots that troll blog comments looking for email addresses, hence the crypto. And right now, my Gmail is doing a wonderful job keeping out the spam! Unlike HOTMAIL whom I've abandoned! :)

allison & chris said...

ok, That last video is the funniest thing I've EVER seen...he's moving so fast that the video can't keep up and he looks possessed! Seriously, SOOOO funny! Glad you had a good trip!