Friday, March 9, 2007

Happy Friday!

Tyler was snacking on some carrots and Warren just had to have one. He didn't really know what to do with it, but he enjoyed chewing on it!

Well, this week has been better than last, but there is much room for improvement. Tyler is starting to get the "Terminator" (as dubbed by a dear friend of the family, thanks, Jeff!). Thanks goodness we are going into the weekend and he will have time to rest. Warren and I still have our wonderful coughs. And Benjamin... hmmm... either he is the last to get it or this low grade fever is his version. Time WILL tell!!!

Yesterday, we went swimming. Yes, it is warm enough to go swimming here (this is the reason we live in Florida). We went with Teresa, Brendan, and Tyler at their community pool. It was Warren's first time. He had a blast. Sorry I don't have any pictures to commemorate the event. With Benjamin, the water relaxed him. Yes, he got excited, but he would generally relax. Warren wasn't still a minute. He wanted to jump out of my arms! He would even kick as I laid him in the the swimming position. I have a feeling we will be in the water a lot this summer!

We also had to take my car in to get serviced yesterday and we were able to meet Russ and Mary for dinner.

Tonight, we are going over to Tyler's grandparents for a get together. Tyler's cousin Kyle, Adrienne, and their son, Brayden are moving to Tennessee (from Orlando) next week. They are coming over to tell us all goodbye for a while. We will miss them not being so close!

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