Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Well, the week...

I just thought I would like the weekend! Saturday night I started feeling bad. Then Sunday I woke up (from not really sleeping) and found out that I was sick. I still went to church- I just needed a break. Luckily, Tyler stayed home with Warren. He is feeling TONS better, but we still don't want to get him out just yet. I was glad I went. It was a great service! I started running temperature later in the afternoon. Great! Tyler took the boys over to his grandmother's house for dinner with his family. I was glad they weren't around me- and visiting grandparents!!! Monday morning was rough with me feeling like I have the flu- but not the flu exactly, and taking both the kids out to get Ben to school. I forced myself to the grocery store. I felt better as the day went on and I got dinner fixed! I was proud. Tyler came home and took some work off of me. He put the kids in the bath and to bed! What a great husband! My mom called me yesterday and said she had a stiff neck- Great! Today, she feels better; praise God!!! Today, I have felt okay if it weren't for this cough! Benjamin and I had a picnic on his new picnic table- I think this is his new favorite thing. It has been a little chilly, but pleasant. Warren has found grass. Before, he didn't like the feel of it. But now, watch out! He is off and on a roll. Now, if we can just keep him from eating it!!! My internet has been out since Saturday night, but they came by and fixed it! It is amazing how much we rely on!
Ben took my camera today. I wasn't really aware that he took it outside. I heard him come in and take the toy picture. When I looked at my camera- this is what I found!

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allison & chris said...

I'm telling you...that kid has a serious future in photography!!!