Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Weekend!

Thank goodness the weekend is here!!! We need a break after this week! My wonderful mother kept the kids ALL night last night. Tyler and I were able to go out and have a normal date night. We went to eat at Red Mesa. One of our families' favorite places to eat in St Pete. Then we stopped for ice cream and went downtown to the bay. It was so nice just to stop for a little bit and take a break from "normal" life. Thank you mom- again!!! We are so sad that she is going home today, but we will see you soon!

This morning Ben was outside playing in his "sand" box. We haven't put any sand in it yet, but it is nice to have something for him to play in. He was over there playing and he looks up and says, "Mommy, come here. There's a frog in my sandbox." Of course, I thought he was kidding, or it was a toy. Nope, it was a real frog. We tried to move Mr. Froggie, but he wasn't going anywhere. Oh well. Benjamin found something better to do. No other signs of sickness in him, yet. He was running a fever yesterday as well when I went to put him down. I can deal with a fever, I guess.

Warren is much better. He is still fussy and doesn't sleep good. But he is acting okay. His fontanel is back to normal- now if we could just get rid of the cough. One thing at a time!!!

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Jeff R said...

Hey Ash! Carol just sent me the link to your blog so I thought I would check it out. Pretty cool! She also has been sharing with me all the goings on of your family and all I can say is this: If this keeps up you guys are gonna have to change your name to the Job family! Wanted to say Hi. Kids are beautiful and I'm glad Warren is getting better! Hello to Tyler and tell Ben that CC's Jeff says hello!