Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busy Week in TN

Anyway you can get the bottle from Aunt Allison (very odd for Warren, he usually has to be in one position to eat).

Happy Baby
Sorry to all my avid blog readers; this week has been a little overwhelming and busy. Tuesday of last week Benjamin and I flew to TN. It was the worst checking-in procedure/flight I have EVER had with my son. I thought since it was only us two that it would go smoothly. Boy, was I wrong. He didn't want to stand in line at the security check point. And for those of you that know about Tampa, it was four long lines of switchbacks. Not so fun. He proceeded to lie on the floor and scream because he didn't want to walk. I already had my heavy backpack, DVD player, and his backpack. Now I am supposed to pick up my 40 lb kid, just to keep him from crying and making a scene in the airport. Great. It only got worse from there. I will spare you the details and me the embarrassment all over again. He is usually the best little flier and has done this a million times. Not usually an issue. That is why when everything happened I was so surprised. Well, we finally made it to TN safe and relatively unharmed. Wednesday, Benjamin had a green runny nose, and then I knew the reason for the temper tantrum in the airport. Warren was excited to see us all. Thursday, Ben was coughing so bad we made a trip to the family doctor, Dr. Chad. He said everything was fine just a cold and Benjamin had some behavioral issues going on right now. This is what every mom wants to hear. I was just going so that the doctor could tell me we had ear infections again, NOT behavioral issues. Oh well. We have tried to work on those this week too. Not fun while you are sick too! Warren started not sleeping through the night when I got here- Hmmm. That night Mom made food for some of the girls in the wedding and we all went to a nail place to get mani's and pedi's. It was lots of fun, and yummy too! Friday, we had to pack up and go to Manchester, TN (about an hour away) for the reason we are here, a wedding. My dear friend Amber and I packed up the boys; and we, along with my grandmother made the trek. We had the rehearsal later that night and then a party for the bridal party. I was invited, Amber was in the wedding. Allison, my sister, came in later that night. Luckily, Amber, Allison, and I all got to share a room at the hotel. It was great. Some much needed girly time! Saturday, we had to get a move on. The wedding for a dear friend of the family (practically a brother), Adam and now Laura too, was at 11 am. It really makes for a rushed morning. We all made it. It was a beautiful service, even if Benjamin (who was supposed to be the ring bearer) didn't go down the aisle. The reception was wonderful. The boys held out as long as they could and then we had to leave to put them down. The rest of that day we took it easy. Warren decided that he really didn't want to sleep last night and didn't go down until midnight. Then he proceeded to get up 3 times and then up for good at 6:15 am. Needless to say, Mommy went back to sleep this morning. Today, was good day with family and friends. Tomorrow, we fly out. Back to Daddy and Florida, and maybe the real life.

Allison me, and Amber

He didn't go down, just a practice run.

Me, Warren, Benjamin, Ci-Ci (my Mom), Allison, and Poppie (my Dad) at the wedding

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