Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mom and Dad's Townhome

Just to let you know, this is what I have been up to this week. My Mom asked me to be at her house here so the builder could redo the floor. I knew I had to be there Monday and Tuesday of this week, so I planned accordingly. We all packed up and went over on Monday. Benjamin was at school, so it was just Warren and I for a little while. The flooring guys and a representative from BW Homes were there to start with. They took up the carpet in the master bedroom and found that there was a slope in the floor. They would fix that later after the framers brought some plywood that afternoon. They needed to put some plywood down and then Thin-Set on top to smooth out the slope. There was other issues with the floor so they had to get the carpet guys to come out and take the carpet up so that they could re-lay it (when fixed) properly. Then they all left and the framers got there. They measured the space and fixed all the creaks and moans; then came back a little later with the plywood. At this point in time, the flooring guys were supposed to come back and start the Thin-Set process. There was an emergency and they weren't able to make it. It was fine at the time because I could take the kids home for their afternoon nap. I was told to be back at 8 am. I was there but the flooring guys were told to be there at 9am. Oh well. They started laying the Thin-Set and then they were done for the day. The only problem was that they couldn't finish until it set for 24 hours (which they were supposed to do this Monday afternoon and then come back Tuesday am and do the final step). So back we went this morning to let them smooth it all out. Now they have to come back on Friday and lay all the carpet back down. I am just glad no one is there. This would be terrible to live in!!! Mom is coming in to visit tomorrow so she will be there to supervise on Friday am!
I took pictures this morning before and after they had smoothed it out. The finished product is what it should look something like. We took these pictures of the model home before my mom and dad built, but it is pretty close to what it looks like. Pretty different than now! The top collage is in the master bedroom with the concrete mixture and plywood, then the model photo. The bottom collage is of the main hallway upstairs looking towards master bedroom finished and unfinished. In my parents' you can see part of the carpet rolled up in the master. They have their work cut out for them!!!
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