Saturday, April 14, 2007

Growing Up- too quickly!

Okay, so, I am a little late on this post... Warren went to the doctor for his nine month check-up a week ago. I said I was going to post his stats, and I forgot. Oh well, better late than never! He is 23 pounds and 11 ounces. And 30 1/2 inches long. (Ben was over 24 lbs and 32 inches long!!! My how quickly we forget and how quickly they grow up!) Warren had to get his toe pricked for a hemoglobin measure (which was great) and one shot. Ouch! He did not complain at all!

He also had to have a hearing test done at All Children's for a follow up with the meningitis. It is possible with bacterial to have some hearing loss so they just do a test just to make sure with the viral. My pediatrician said she has never seen any loss in viral cases. We went on Thursday of this week for that. He was such a trooper! They put two different sets of probes down his ears to test his hearing and to look at the eardrum. They noticed he had some fluid behind his ears (due to the lovely pollen count in Florida these days). Then they did a hearing test with him on my lap looking at different sides of the sound booth. They had speakers in either corner with toys on top of them in boxes. They would make a sound come from the speakers and then eventually the toy would light up and play over that speaker. At first it was just me with him sitting on my lap. There was one frequency that he wasn't hearing so they had to call another person to come in and keep him focused. After another 15 minutes they couldn't determine if he did in fact hear the sound or not. So back again we go in about a month. They weren't sure if he was just tired and bored with the test, couldn't hear it, or the fluid was affecting his hearing. I am totally not worried about this kid's hearing! I know that he can hear very well (too well most of the time, especially while sleeping). They weren't really worried about it either, but they just wanted to make sure.

Warren is such an active little boy; he is into everything (as you can see by my previous posts). He loves to climb and explore!!! I think he gets his drive from his brother. He would much rather be doing EVERYTHING Benjamin is doing! Warren is eating very well- both finger food and baby food (when he is hungry). I am not sure that he has a favorite yet. Because he is so active he has to be occupied while you feed him, usually I will give him something to feed himself while I shovel in the baby food veggies. He is also starting to babble and can say mama- but it just means he is upset, not the real thing. He can sign "more" and "all-done." But he knows what many more signs mean (like eat, bottle, Mama, and Dada). We did the sign language thing with Benjamin we loved it. I would highly recommend with babies. He is such a delight and a joy to be with; and I can't wait to see what kind of person he grows into (but not yet).

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