Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy's Lando

Yesterday we had a crazy day in Orlando. Benjamin thinks we are saying "our"lando. I don't know where he came up with it, but he thinks it is my lando, so he says that Orlando is Mommy's lando. My mom needed to go over to see some friends and I wanted to go visit my college room-mate, Jenn, and her family, plus my sister too. We left in the am. I dropped Mom off with just a quick visit of the lovely lounging ladies. Then on to Jenn's house. I ran in at her house to help fix sandwiches and then it was off to get her oldest, Abbie, from preschool. Then we were all off to the playground. The older kids were sooo excited to see the playground they didn't want to eat their lunch (of course). After they picked at their sandwiches, Ben and Abbie were off to play on the playground, with Jenn and I and three babies left to try and watch the older ones on the big playground. Caleb fell off the bench (he didn't hurt himself), Joshua was crying, and Warren wanted to be fed. It was a zoo- too bad we didn't attempt that one! We finally got everyone settled- except for the two Mommies and then we decided it was time to leave. I think we had enough! We got back to their house- which, oh, I failed to mention, doesn't have any water. Do you know how hard it is to put 5 kids all under the age of 4 down for a nap at the same time!!!??? Caleb's room had had the worst of the damage and his crib had to be misplaced. Abbie was able to take a nap in her room, Warren was in a pack-n-play in the guest bathroom, Benjamin was in the master bedroom, and Joshua was in a bassinet in the foyer. We thought we had them all settled and then Benjamin got up and had to go potty. This little feat cause the master toilet to overflow (from the tank, now that's talent). We got that cleaned up, Benjamin put back down and it was time to leave. I was NOT about to leave at this point. My children had just gotten to sleep! I got everything loaded up and ready to go and went to get Benjamin. Little did we know that the whole master bathroom was flooded with a half of an inch of water on the floor. I helped her clean it up, call her husband, and get the kids settled a little bit- then it was really time to go. At this point I was running late (of course)- Hmmmm, I wonder why. I got to my sister's house, changed clothes, gave Chris orders on the kids, and was out of the house in less than 30 minutes. We made it to dinner in 12 minutes. Only 5 minutes late. We thought we were good. Dinner was wonderful and the company was even better. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard! Mom and I took my sister home and picked up my children. Then it was time to be on the road again. Home again, home again, jiggity jog.
This is my first try at digital scrapbooking. I have a TON to learn. This is of Caleb, Jenn's middle child.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Uncle Chris for watching the boys!!! I know it was a really trying time. You were great and the kids loved every minute of their stay!!! It was wonderful to actually get out and have a nice time with the girls and not have to worry (too much) about the boys! Thank you again!!!!

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