Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stop and smell the beauty

This article was printed in the Washington Post. I found it through another blog I happened upon. Wow! It is really long but it makes you really stop and think. America is insane with the hustle and bustle. And we are soooo busy with our everyday lives. What are we really here for (Don't get me started, totally separate post)? God does want us to behold His beauty and look at his creation. No, the article is not a Christian article, but it does make you think. Just thought it might be some nice reading.

My mom has been here for a little while, so life has been back up to speed. Yesterday I got pictures of Warren made (finally). I think they turned out okay, for what I wanted. Just thought I needed to take some pics of the poor kid. The boys and I went out to eat with all the Brandes' girls last night (no boys allowed, except mine!). It was a lot of fun to get everyone together. This morning Mom, Warren and I went to Whole Foods in Sarasota. Wow, what a grocery store! Pretty neat, I just wish it was closer. Tomorrow we are off to Orlando to visit friends and family! The fun never ends!!!

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