Monday, April 2, 2007

We're HOME!!!! Again.

We went out and played on our playground after the boys' naps. Yes, Benjamin is squeezing Warren a little too tight. He wasn't trying to be mean- it just makes Warren a little bit more tough! Warren was sooooo happy to be up where Benjamin always is! Warren also got to eat his yogurt in his swing. He thought that was pretty cool. Benjamin didn't stop for a minute. Maybe that means he will sleep good tonight. Thank you Daddy for making the boys a great playground!
We are so glad to be home- well, I am. I am sure the boys would much rather not be with just Mom and Dad. They got used to a lot of attention in TN. It is back to the real life. Benjamin went back to school today. He informed me that God was going to come in the sky to meet him! And that from just learning about Easter Baskets! Hmmm. I really do like his school. I just didn't expect him to say that when I asked him what he learned today!!! I am also excited that he is learning so much about God at a young age.
More to come tomorrow, Warren has his 9-month check up.

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