Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Tired

It has been a rough week, already! We all went to Jacksonville on Sunday. We left after church so that the kids could sleep for most of the four hour trip. Yes, problem number one... they didn't sleep hardly at all (Benjamin didn't)!!! We got there and went to his Grandmother's house. We met up with my in-laws and all went to a Japanese Steakhouse. It was a late night and we were ready to crash in our beds at the hotel. We finally got everyone settled and then Warren was up every hour except for a 3 hour stretch somewhere in the middle of the night. Monday morning we all met for breakfast and then we let Benjamin swim. Luckily, Warren got a good nap out of the deal. We went to the funeral home around noon. Afterwards we went to Tyler's Grandmother's house and then on the road again. Warren slept a little bit better. That night, Warren didn't sleep again very well. He actually started running fever. Tuesday we spent triyng to get everything back to normal, yeah, right. Last night, Warren didn't sleep at all. That makes it really hard on Mommy, who has to be up with him at all times. Today, Benjmain went to school- so I was able to take a nap with Warren. Tonight my mom and grandmother are flying in. The flight is terribly delayed so who knows when they will get here. We also go for warren's next hearing test tomorrow morning. I will update as soon as I get a little bit more energy! Ha!!!

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