Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prayer Please!

I took Warren for his hearing test this morning. He did very well and passed his hearing portion pretty well. He still has some pressure in his left ear (but he is sick again). Therefore, they want to test him again in 6 months. Again, I am REALLY not worried about his hearing.

Well, things are always changing around the Brandes household. And here we go again... Yesterday Tyler was not able to perform all of the physical requirements due to his knee injury. For those of you who don't know, he dislocated his knee last October. For Tyler this is a very common occurrence and has been happening for many years. This time was worse than all the others with some bruised bone. His doctor said that surgery was an option but he would probably be able to make it through the academy (not for certain though). He went through rehab and made it through the physical abilities test (during the application process) and thus far. Tyler's knee has been getting worse daily through this academy and he has had to go back to the doctor. This week he missed part of the physical portion on Monday when were in Jacksonville and then on Wednesday he couldn't do everything they asked because of the pain. It will only get worse as time progresses. Therefore, he has talked with many of his colleagues and professors and he has come to the conclusion that he will drop out of the academy at this point in time. This is a very hard decision for him at this point. He loves the academy and what he has been doing these past couple of months. Tyler is making this decision now (before he is asked to leave) so that he can go back and attend the police academy in the future. As for right now, we have lots to be answered... job, insurance, surgery, among many other questions.

We have an appointment with his orthopedic doctor Monday morning. I will be going with him to see what all this surgery entails. We do know that the recovery will take anywhere from 6-8 months. Lots will be changing and probably really quickly. Benjamin is really taking his Daddy's schedule hard so far (Tyler is usually gone from 11am-10pm). He has been throwing REALLY bad tantrums and acting out. I am not sure what this new change will do to him! Just felt like I needed to share. Thanks for keeping up with us. We covet your prayers!!!


Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

definitely will be praying for tyler's knee and all the upcoming decisions that you guys have to make. perfect are the Lord's plans!!! He will carry you through this.

lots of love--jenny and family

Aaron McClaugherty said...

Hey Tyler I was sorry to hear your misfortune, but God has good things planned for you!Your future is so bright you gotta wear shades.....
I would also like to extend my Love , and gratitude to the entire Brandes, Tibbetts, Hooker Clan! I miss, and Love you all.......Even Jeff LOL......
I hope to get to your "Neck of the woods" sometime soon I will give you all a hollar. I am leaving Sunday for Amarillo,Holcomb KS, Arkansas City KS,Emporia KS,and Guyman OK........JUST ANOTHER DAY traveling in PARADISE!
Well bye for now, and my GOD bless you , and keep you, and smile down on you!