Sunday, June 3, 2007


Benjamin and I were outside today. I was pulling weeds and he happened to be running around. It was such a game for him; he was yelling, "mommy, come get me!" I would stop and come get him and then go back to pulling weeds. The next thing I knew he says, "Mommy I need to go potty." I turn around to look at him and he has his pants around his ankles. Yes, in the front yard of our house. It was too late by then. I did however shoo him into the bushes to try to hide him some. And then I went and got my camera. What else could I do! Lovely!

When I told my mom this story (because I know he did this and was encouraged in TN), she said, "I told him that he had to be in the back yard!" A three year old doesn't quite get this fact!!! Now we are working on getting him to go in the back yard. I guess next we will move back inside to the potty... eventually.

*Even with the editing of the picture I didn't think it was too appropriate, so I won't post it (I will save him some embarrassment later in life).*

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