Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Weekend

This weekend I had a retreat with the women at my church. We went to Mt. Dora, FL and stayed at the Lakeside Inn. It was great! What a wonderful time to be away and with such GREAT ladies. It was very powerful!!! The speaker was the lady that started Homemade Gourmet. Wow! Awesome.

It is good to be back home, but Warren is sick. Tyler took him to the doctor yesterday. They said it was a virus. Still hanging around though. Thanks Nannie and Grandad for keeping Warren. And Tyler for taking care of Ben today!

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Stacie Bates said...

Hey Ashley! This blog-thing is kind of cool. I love the scrapbook pages you've done. I'll have to try it soon. I had fun this weekend. It was good to get to know you better. Take care and give me a shout if you need anything.

~ Stacie