Monday, June 11, 2007

Tyler Update, again.

Tyler did really well this weekend (I am not so sure how I did). He used his CPM machine (bends his knee) and got up to about 90 degrees. He did use the ice machine frequently, so we learned very quickly who has the best prices and the best ice around (that was returned today:))! Today, we went to therapy in the morning. He bent his knee to 105 degrees! This afternoon we went back to the doctor to have his staples removed. The doctor was very impressed that he could bend his knee and he told us to get rid of the CPM machine (we just have to call the home health agency and they will pick it up). He had his staples removed which well. He is having some swelling in his lower portion of his leg. With Tyler's family's history, the doctor wants to make sure that it is not a blood clot, so later this week we will have to go for an ultrasound (venous Doppler studies, for those medical personnel). He also thinks that Tyler will be able to drive in a couple of weeks when I go to TN over the 4th of July. Lookin' good so far!

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