Thursday, June 7, 2007

Update on Tyler

We had to go to therapy this morning for the first time. It was a difficult time but Tyler was able to do it all. The therapist bent his knee to a 75 degree angle- he had not bent it more than about 30 until today. Needless to say he is in quite a bit more pain this afternoon. I am trying to keep his ice machine filled and the pain medicine in him- I promise I will not let him become an addict!

Home health delivered a CPM machine to the house yesterday. This is a machine that bends Tyler's knee and releases it for him. He is supposed to use it just about all day long. They want him to be bending at a 60 degree angle- right now it is at 30 degrees. He will slowly be able to increase the angle.

My mom and Warren made it to Florida late last night, safe and sound (around midnight). Warren did not sleep much and Ben was excited to see his Ci-Ci so he was up at 6 am this morning. I think Mom is taking a nap with the boys this afternoon (it is sad that I got more sleep than she did, and I was up every 4 hours at least!).

Just a few random pictures... Warren and the first time he had pizza. He LOVED it!!! We were at Doris' house (she kept Benjamin this week).

Benjamin at the beach with Doris and her kids this week. Thanks so much Doris for keeping him and sending the pictures!!!

Tyler and I don't have any other appointments tomorrow. Finally
we get to rest and stay home! My dad comes in tomorrow night for a quick weekend visit. Until then...

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