Saturday, July 21, 2007

Greetings from The Mercury! We set sail yesterday afternoon a little after 4pm. Currently, we are in between Canada and the US on our way to Juneau, Alaska. We will arrive there at 1:00pm tomorrow.
Yesterday we were able to spend some time in Vancouver. We took Benjamin to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was soooo kid friendly and a very neat place to visit. He LOVED the beluga whales! We took a taxi back to our hotel and met back up with Jeff and Natalie (Tyler’s brother and wife). We then went to the port to board our ship. Checking in took quite a while, but we finally made it. Benjamin was all ready to be covered with mustard- just like his Daddy told him. Tyler told Benjamin that everyone had to be covered in mustard when they got on the boat (you have to go to your “muster” stations as a lifeboat drill when you get on the ship, before setting sail). But he was HIGHLY disappointed when that didn’t happen. Dinner was delicious. I had veal piccata and Tyler had prime rib. Benjamin was sooooo tired I had to bring him back early from dinner to go to bed. He slept very well!
This morning we went upstairs to breakfast. Out of the vast array of food Benjamin picked waffles to eat. They were yummy. We walked around the ship a little bit and then took Madi and him to the Ship’s Fun Factory- a place where they have activities for the kids (including a ball pit). We go to pick him up for lunch and then he can go back at 2pm for the afternoon. I am not sure if a nap would be better suited for this afternoon or playing. Donna and Angie (Tyler’s aunt and cousin) made us all t-shirts for all the family and we are all wearing them today. We are getting a picture taken this afternoon with all of us. Tonight is formal night for dinner so I am sure we will get another picture taken as well.
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Are you on the ship's Wi-Fi? Or are you using cell service??