Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Warren had his 1 year check up today. He weighs 25 lbs. 12 oz (90%) and is 32 1/2 (97%) inches long (Benjamin was still bigger at this time, so hard to believe). He did great with his two shots (Hep A and Prevnar); not much crying, especially when Mommy got a hold of him. I asked the doctor about him being so busy; luckily, she had the same problem with her children so she had lots of tips for me. She encouraged us to take away his bottle- which I knew was coming. He is already on whole milk, so we can check that off our list. Warren still doesn't sleep through the night so we are trying to sleep train... again (it's only the third time). I probably should say that we are training Mommy. Warren is taking a couple of steps now; I think we are up to 10+. He is still very wobbly but he wants to walk so bad. He is very vocal, just nothing that anyone understands. He has said Mommy, Daddy, thank you, get it, drink, eat and go. He can also bark like a dog. The pediatrician was very impressed with his vocabulary. Thank you and other multiple words are at about an 18 month level. He should only be able to say about 3 words right now. He is growing up each day and every day is a new experience. Thank God we made it through this year, and we pray we have many more to come! Enjoy the video!


allison said...

beautiful! I'm very impressed! What's amazing is how much they change and grow in just a year! I can't wait to kiss all over those cheeks tomorrow!!!!!

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

oh my. that made me teary. what a handsome couple of boys you have!!! we're all so blessed.

Amber said...

That was a beautiful video! I must say I did get a little choked up. Like Al said, it's absolutely amazing how they change and grow. God is so wonderful & greatly to be praised -- glad to hear about the 1 yr check-up & beautiful baby!!!!!

Trey and Heather said...

I found your blog link on a friend's page while doing a little 'blog surfing'.
that video was so wonderful!
Thought I would let you know that it made my heart smile!
- heather