Thursday, July 12, 2007

Of all the luck!

I was taking Amber back to the airport at the end of her visit last month when a rock found my windshield of my car. It made a nice little place on the driver's side but towards the middle of the window- really not so bad. My car had to go in for a service so Tyler made sure that they could take care of the it and get me a new windshield. He was so nice to stick around for the 3 hour service that turned into a 7 hour service on my car. He FINALLY got my car and started back with the trek home. Wouldn't you know, that he gets up on US-19 (a good sized highway) and a rock finds the new windshield again. This time you can see the damage very well (see pics below). All in less than 5 minutes of leaving the Volvo dealership!!! Monday, a sweet man came to my house and put a new windshield on my car and it is good as new! He did get a big kick out of replacing a windshield that had been replaced four days prior. And I am proud to report that I have made it 3 whole days without any rock and glass collisions!

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Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

that stinks!! something like that would happen to me. not so lucky sometimes.