Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Warren's First Haircut

Mommy was so sad to have to say goodbye to the curls today, but Daddy was not taking no for an answer. Warren has really gotten called a girl a lot lately, and Daddy was fed up. To make matters worse, he got called a girl right as we were waiting to get his hair cut! Here's the before...During...

And unfortunately, here's the after. I keep telling myself- It's only hair, it will grow back! It got a little bit high in the back because he moved:(

Benjamin got his hair cut too so they both got a lollipop. It was Warren's first lollipop and he LOVED it!!! It made everything all better.

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Leila - mommyof4 said...

Well, even if the curls are gone it is still adorable. Love ya!