Monday, October 8, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Well, since the boys have officially turned 4 years and 15 months it was time to take them to their next doctor's visit/annual visit. Here's what we found out...

Benjamin is 42 1/2 inches tall and weighs 41 1/4 lbs. That works out to be about the 90% for height and weight. He has developed a cough this weekend and she thinks it is related to the fever we had a couple of weeks ago (plus the not eating). Therefore, she put him on antibiotics. He got three shots. Not fun! But he did great and got a lollipop afterwards.

Warren is 34 inches and weighs 26 lbs 14 oz. That is over 100% for height and like 75% for weight. He is fine so far, no cold, yet! He got 4 shots one in each leg, and one in each arm. Ouch!

Just so you know 7 shots for 2 kids is cruel and unusual punishment!!! Not fun for Mommy or Daddy!!!

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