Saturday, May 3, 2008

Ants #3 and other information

So here is the picture from today! How cool is this???!!! The ants are going to town. Really amazing, folks.
Today, my sister came over from Orlando to spend the day with us. Benjamin had his picture taken with his soccer team and then they had their regular Saturday 3:00pm very hot soccer game. Afterwards, Allison and I went to see a special screening of The Business of Being Born. It is a documentary about the actual business side of delivering babies. For me it was VERY interesting to see everything I have felt about how doctors and hospitals deliver babies- speaking from a labor and delivery nurse standpoint. I think for Allison it was neat because she saw it from a pregnant persons point of view, which is totally different. It is very well done and I highly recommend seeing it! You can click on the link above to see the trailer. Afterwards, we went out for sushi. This was my first time having it and it wasn't really that bad. She did go easy on me and gave me all cooked stuff:)

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