Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Baby Charlotte

She's here!!! One month and one day early!!! Baby Charlotte was born to Jeff and Natalie (Tyler's brother) around 7 this morning. She weights 3 lbs 14 oz. She is soooo tiny and doing WONDERFUL!!! Think about it, she is about a fourth of what my babies weight (10lbs 7 oz.).

Jeff called me this morning at 5 and told me he thought that Natalie's water had broken- please keep the phone handy. At 5:30 I couldn't take it anymore and called Polly to tell her that today was the day! Jeff and Natalie texted back that they were taking her for surgery at 6:15. We were all so excited to see this little precious baby girl. I picked up Great-Grandma and we were off to the hospital. We got there right as Jeff was coming into the nursery with her! What timing. Mom and baby are doing great! She will stay in the hospital for a couple of days to gain some weight, but other than her small stature she is perfect.

Jeff's hand on her head.

Baby Charlotte

Look how tiny!

God bless you guys! We love you!


allison said...

She is simply precious! So so tiny!!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

i'm kelly said...

oh my heavens! how precious!