Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Warren!

While we were at Fall Creek Falls State Park, we celebrated Warren's 2nd Birthday! We had an Elmo party, compete with a pinata! We had lots of fun. The kids colored their own nose for Elmo and we played "Tape the Nose on Elmo." They played with Warren and Ben's new toys. We ate dinner and then opened the pinata. Benjamin said this was is most favorite part of the whole party. After the pinata, we sang Happy Birthday and had yummy cupcakes! Lots of red icing to go around! It was a great afternoon!

Today, we had Warren's 2 year check up. He weighs 29 lbs 9 oz (75%) and he is 36 5/8 inches tall (95%). If the height measurement is correct, he will be around 6'2" when he grows up! He had one shot (Hep A) and took it like a good boy- he just looked at the doctor and said, "ouch." We talked about transitioning him into a big boy bed, which I don't think we are really ready for yet, and taking away the pacifier. When my sister's baby is born, we are planning on giving baby Camden a very special present- PACIS!!! We also talked about his hearing. When Warren was 7 months old he had viral meningitis. A side effect of bacterial meningitis is hearing loss. Since we weren't sure which kind it was at first and just to be on the safe side, she wanted his hearing to be tested. We have been three times to try to get an accurate reading. Each time, he had a cold or stuffy nose and we weren't able to get the reading they wanted. This last time, about a month ago, again, he had a stuffy nose. But they were able to get a good reading and they think he doesn't have any hearing loss. Now for my side of the story... I KNOW this kid has NO hearing loss what so ever!!! He hears everything!!! Another indication of hearing loss is delayed speech, once again, no such thing around here. The child says EVERYTHING! So all that to say, we don't have to go back to the audiology department at All Children's again!

Some of Warren's accomplishments:

* He really says everything! Our latest is "why?" I wasn't sure if this was just a 2nd kid thing or not. The pediatrician says it is totally appropriate for this age (though I do remember Ben being a LOT later). Many times my response is because "Mommy said so!" Favorite words: Memo (Nemo), Kirkul (Turtle), Bear-Plane (Airplane), Amazing, Nelp (Help), Ma (Mom); lots of times I hear the last two combined- Nelp me, Ma.

*He never just walks anywhere- we are always up to a cantor! Always in a hurry to get somewhere!

*He is almost ready to swim on his own. He jumps off the side without ANY warning!

*We are still using the crib tent, because this little one is a climber! He will climb anything.

*Warren loves to give kisses and hugs. I hope this doesn't go away.

*As far as food, he loves just about any warm dish. Casserole stirfry, and thing you just cooked or warmed up. He turns his nose up at cold foods usually: milk, lunch meat, and cold cereal.

*His brother and him usually fight over toys and whose playing with what the other wants. We are really working on this. I want them to be best friends so we need to nip this one in the bud!

*Warren HATES to have his teeth brushed. He LOVES to brush his own teeth. We are still waiting on those 2 year molars.

*Warren is not really a TV watcher. Benjamin has always loved to watch TV and totally zones out with watching a show. With Warren we are lucky if he watches 15 minutes. He keeps you on your toes!

*He is also learning his colors- he knows blue, green, and pink already. He loves to color and draw.

Just some of the facts about Warren so I can keep up with all this! It goes by so quickly!
There are more pictures from the birthday party off to the right up at the top of the blog. Just click and it will take to you to Picasa.

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