Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Decision is Made

We have finally made a decision about what dining room table to purchase! And the winner is...
We liked the rectangle too, but after measuring out where the table would be in the space; it wouldn't fit.

I am not sold on the chairs that are supposed to come with the table so we went looking for different chairs. Here's what we came up with...
These, below, will be our host and hostess chairs. For the time being, they will live in our living room as extra seating until they are needed! I will get them both upholstered in something that will match our draperies.

Thanks to everyone who voted!!! It was so much fun! Stay tuned! I will put up a final picture of the completed room (in about 6 months- the way I am going).

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!! We will be in Tenn the 1st or 2nd week in September...and chance you will be up there???