Thursday, July 17, 2008


My dear friend, Doris, brought over Warren's birthday present on Tuesday. On top of the package, she included 4 lollipops! By the way, my kids LOVE lollipops. I have been putting Benjamin off all week, and I finally gave into him tonight. He had had the cherry flavor picked out since Tuesday! Here's some pictures from our eating adventure of the humongous lollipops! Needless to say the kids went STRAIGHT into the shower afterwards!


allison said...

You were not kidding! LOL! ugh...I can't believe that blue mess!

Ben looks so happy about his though! :)

Hope WWIII Wasn't too bad :)

Elizabeth said...

I am glad this was you and not me trying to get them clean. I love that Warren picked out the blue one. Very much a little kid. Always going for the most messy flavor :)