Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hunsader Farm's Pumpkin Festival

We had a great time today after church (we went to early church) at Hunsader Farm. If you have been around a while you know that we go here every year (since we have moved down south of the bridge). We actually had to wait about 20 minutes in traffic just to get in! They had tons to do this year. When we got close we could see the motorcycles "jumping." You can see in the pictures. It was pretty cool! The boys loved it. We went first to the pumpkin patch- a must before they get dirty, or usually hot. And then we went to the hayride. We only had to wait for the second tractor; it wasn't a long wait at all. When we got off the hayride the line was forever long. Then we tasted the local cuisine. The kids had chicken on a stick and I had a gyro. Tyler had a barbecue sandwich and corn on the cob. We cleaned ourselves up and went to look at the animals. Warren's favorite was the turkey and peacock (they were in the same pen). Mine was the baby goats. Next we walked through the craft fair portion. Our only purchase was a marshmallow shooter. Yes, it shoots marshmallows. I will definitely have to get some pics of this one folks! On our way out we grabbed the kids some cookies and caught the motorcycles guys again. Awesome! I am so glad it's fall. Enjoy the pics...

We had too many pictures to post them all here so I had to make a slide show. You can click on it and see them all.


allison said...

okay, the fact that you have personalized shirts for EVERY occasion is really starting to crack me up!

It's amazing how fast they are growing up!!!

They are SO precious!!! You got some great pictures!!! :)

Tara said...

We just went there too....first year, but what an awesome place to hang out with the family! We had so much fun!!