Saturday, October 25, 2008


We were going to go to our annual trip to Hunsader Farms today, but it didn't work out. I had written down on my calendar that MOSI had a Halloween event this evening so we decided to go! As we were loading everyone and everything into the car, Warren decided to dive out of the car using his head. Not so smart. He got a pretty good size dinosaur egg as a result. After icing him down, getting our "mimi" and paci, and getting a bandaid (which makes EVERYTHING all better, by the way) we were ready to go! It was lots of fun! They had different stations set up for the kids to go to and get some candy and do art projects. Plus the whole museum was open so we could see all of that too. Warren wanted to carry his own bucket; he wouldn't let ANYONE touch it. The contents were too precious, I guess. He did really well though. At the very end we missed the hay ride; and the boys were very disappointed. But we will have one tomorrow at Hunsader's.

Ben is very excited about his Halloween costume- Peter Pan! This was the first time he has seen it; I've been keeping it in my closet for safe keeping.Both boys. Warren is technically a Lost Boy, but you can call him a skunk.

Ben's funny faces in the car on the way.

Warren wondering what he is doing. Notice the bandaid- biggest one we have!

In the parking lot. Unscripted!

Coloring masks

Warren loves putting the teeth in this pitiful dino.

Ben for dinner!

Daddy for dinner

A spooky man- the boys surprisingly weren't scared.

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