Thursday, October 23, 2008

MLB World Series

Tyler and I ended up going to the World Series last night at Tropicana Field. Tyler's Dad had gotten the tickets and no one else wanted them. It was definitely interesting. I had been to one baseball game before when I was in middle school (I think) on a mission trip to Detroit. It's been so long, I don't remember much about it. When we got to St Pete we found it would going to be difficult to find a parking place. We drove for over 45 minutes to try to find something. Finally, we got a decent spot for a price. We walked to the stadium and met up with Ty's friend Dom, who was working the game- actually he is a police man that was guarding the propane tanks outside the stadium! We made our way into the Trop and found our seats. It was a mad house!!! We were on the first base line in the outfield, behind the foul pole. They introduced all the players and the game started. I was very surprised that they people on the loud speaker didn't announce any of the stats. It was very quite from them. They would announce who was at bat, but that was it! They did do little cheers here and there. We heard LOTS of cowbells! Ty and I got up and walked around after the 3rd inning. They have a stingray tank there where you can touch some rays- pretty cool. We missed the only home run of the game. Oops. The Rays ended up loosing last night. There were lots of drunk people that made it more interesting. Getting out of there was a zoo too! We got home at about 1:30am. I got to bed by 2am and up again at 6:30am to take the babysitter home. Today we are all tired! Needed to catch up a little bit on that sleep.

The humongous flag for the National Anthem sung by the Backstreet Boys.

Warming up

Introducing players
First Pitch

Tyler and I at the rays tank- see the field in the background?

Tyler gave Warren a Ray's Hawk before we left- TOTALLY not permanent!!!


allison said...

ok, I happen to think his hair looks SUPER cute like that!!! :)

I can't wait till my baby has hair!!!


wow, i bet that was fun!!

we loved fort wilderness just wish we would have had a couple more days to check everything out. we will definetly be going back there!

the boys are getting big and so cute as always! have a good weekend!!