Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hurricane Paloma

Tyler went down to the islands on Saturday after Hurricane Paloma hit. We got about 1 hour's notice before he flew out. Kindof hard to pack! He got down there and then had to wait for a flight over to the Brac. Sunday night he finally made it over without his luggage. He has been there a couple of days now and they have assessed the damage. Things don't look great but he is trying to clean it up and get things functioning again. Especially the grocery store!

Here are some pictures of the hotel.

Warren had a nasty virus last week and we got over it. But now he has spiked a temp tonight. Ugh! My mom has been in town for a week so she is here to help out! Greatly!!! She will fly out later this week and Tyler will be home next Tuesday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Islands!

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