Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Thanksgiving

The boys really got into Christmas this year, and we started it out at Thanksgiving in TN. We woke up and opened presents with my family Thanksgiving morning. The boys had tons of fun! I wish you could have seen Warren- he just wanted to open the gifts. It didn't matter who they were actually for or what was in them (though it did help if it was for him and it was something neat to play with). He also would take some quality time with the gift and play a little bit before actually opening something else. Benjamin had lots of fun opening items too. He LOVED everything! Can you find HIS favorite item below?
Little Legos
Warren wearing Poppie's present- that he opened.
Determination, again. Do you see the tongue sticking out?!?
Sweet baby Camden
Warren's favorite toy

Poppie and his mirror
I think the boys will grow up loving each other- as these pictures prove...

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