Thursday, January 1, 2009

So lets go back to Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving vacation in Tennessee. Because everyone was able to come and be together, we did Christmas at Thanksgiving with the Boston side of the family. We also got everyone together and Sam came and took family pictures. My Dad's Mom, Mamaw hasn't been feeling well for some time and we wanted a good picture of all the great-grandparents with the great- grands. Here's some of those pictures.

The whole family- Going Left to Right- Bottom Row: Mamaw, Allison with Camden, Dad, Mom, Me with Warren, Benjamin, Nannie; Top Row: Poppa, David, Tyler, Grandad
All of us again, but trying to get more into family groups.
Allison, Camden, and David
Mamaw, Poppa, and Camden
Mamaw and Poppa with Warren
My two silly boys with Mamaw and Poppa
Nannie and Grandad with Ben
Again with my two sillies
Now with Camden
Our Family
Just in case you were wondering- this was NO easy feat! Ugh. This took TONS of work to set up, get everyone coordinated and dressed, actually take the pictures (thanks, Sam!!!), edit pictures, and now post.

I still need to take a crash course in working Photoshop CS. Ugh, it is sooo different from PS Elements.

We made it!!!

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