Friday, February 19, 2010

Advice for Baby Carson

I had a 'sprinkle' shower last night for baby Carson- one that is not so big and not so many presents, just necessities. It was perfect! One of the activities they did was to make an anagram of Carson's name and make up advice for him. I just loved them so I thought I would post them...

Clap your hands
Always smile
Stay still when being changed
Open your mouth when it's time to eat
Never cry

Care for your planet.
Always say "please" and "thank-you"... always
Respect your elders.
Shower your mother with love all the days of her life.
Obey the commandments of your heavenly Father.
Never forget your are loved... never... ever.

Call Aunt Polly anytime.
Always know you are loved.
Run faster than your brothers.
Stay close to your brothers.
Obey your parents.
Never forget who created you!

Come to Grandma's often
Always keep Jesus in your heart
Respect your parents
Sing lots and loud
Only play nicely with your brothers
No one will be as special as you!

Carefully cross the street.
Always love your brothers.
Remember to put the toilet lid down (for your mother's sake)
Speak kindly to others.
Offer your time and talents to help others.
Never forget how much you're loved!

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