Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Tyler had surgery

Because we need something else going on in our house right now! It's not enough that we just had our third child 1 month ago. Almost 3 years ago, Tyler had to have his knee cap relocated. MAJOR Surgery, by the way! He was born with a shallow groove for his knee cap and it kept on dislocating. Finally, there came a time when we had to do something about it. We lived to tell the story about that surgery and were finally on the up and up. Then on one trip to the Islands Tyler twisted his knee. The bone in his knee (specifically on his femur) decided this was trauma and formed a cyst (a fluid filled node). So instead of nice strong marrow and bone, Tyler had mush. It started hurting last fall and we both said it would get better. So in the spring of this year, when it still wasn't better, he went back to the doctor. The doctor saw "something" on the xray but couldn't see a whole lot. Tyler went for an MRI and found the cyst. It was 1.3 cm and could potentially get bigger. With Tyler's history, our only real option was to go in, clean out the joint and make sure it was that bad, if it was that bad the doc was going to have to drill out the cyst and replace it was cadaver tissue. This all happened last Friday. Tyler had the arthroscopic surgery and then the doctor drilled out the cyst and replaced it with a plug of cadaver tissue (oseteochondral allograft transplant). We have made it through the weekend and we go back to see the doctor tomorrow. We are hoping for a good report! So far we know that we have to go for therapy and that he will be non-weight bearing for 6 to 8 weeks. Oh fun! Keep us in your prayers. I think we will all need them!

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