Monday, April 26, 2010

Tyler's Surgery

We went back to the doctor for Tyler's knee this morning. We learned that he did have something removed during the arthroscopic portion (just something that was floating around) and that he had the allograft done plus there was another portion that was starting to do the same thing on the other condyl and the doctor was able to do one of the other procedures that we had discussed when talking about the first cyst. It's called a microfracture. Basically the doctor cleans up the area and then drills little bitty holes into the area. Then the blood comes back out and  will eventually form cartilage in that area. We also learned that the reason we were running late the other day was because the donor plane got held up and delayed. Tyler will be using the Continuous Passive Movement (CPM) machine for about 6 weeks. The thought is that the movement and bending will help the cartilage form like normal cartilage for that area. We go back to have more staples removed on Thursday and we start therapy on Wednesday! Lots of running around in our house!

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