Sunday, August 1, 2010

We are moving!

After much deliberation, talking, praying, looking, discussing, worrying, and acting on our instincts we are moving to Tennessee! As if we haven't had too much on our plate this past year already! Wow! What a HUGE undertaking this is going to be! I might be a little scarce around here---- again, but I am usually on Facebook. This is going to be a huge life change for our family but we are very excited to be taking this on! Hang on, it's gonna be a wild ride!


Shari Braendel said...

Thank you Ashley for your wonderful comment on my blog! You are a dear.
Will you be going the the resort over Labor Day? I'm hoping to go..would love to see you! Sooo glad you like the book..did you see your comment????? love you...have a great move to Tennessee!!!!!

Tavia said...

Ok i know this has nothing to do with your recent post about moving, but im curious about how you have the advertisements on your blog like you do.