Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review

*Warning, Warning, Warning.... LOTS of pictures!*

January 2010
We went to the Manatee County Fair!

 We love going to the fair!

We also went to the circus. 

February 2010
 We enjoyed Warren's taste in clothing.

 Ben had his 100th day of school and dressed like an old man.

 We went to the "Evil" Fair in Tampa (it was really Medieval Fair, but Warren called it evil).

 We had a 'Sprinkle' for Carson.

 Tyler took the boys to the Ray's Fan Day.

 They had a blast!

 We spent a lovely day at the St Pete Pier and got a free boat ride!

March 2010
 Our last family of four outing was going to a hockey game. Go Lightening!

 On March 16th, we welcomed Carson James Brandes into our family!

 Sweet Baby

And Ben had Dr Seuss Day at school (Sam I am)

April 2010

Mommy and her three boys 

 And we watched him grow!

And Ben had Silly Feet day at school!

 Daddy took Ben to a Rays game

 We went to Mote Marine Aquarium

 We went to Sea World (with Rodney and Jenn)!

May 2010
 Ben had a great end of the year class carnival.

 Memorial Day Fish Fry with the neighbors.

 Silly boys ate their weight in fish!

June 2010
 Ben joined Swim Team (with Brendan)

 Carson turned three months

 And Warren turned 4!

July 2010
 We spent Fourth of July at Fall Creek Falls with friends and family.

Then we went to Gatlinburg to spend time with Daddy's family.


Our nanny, Ms. Joyia, took the boys all over the place!

And Mommy attempted to get all three boys out of the house. It was a disaster! 
Trying to get a group shot.

 And the only other picture- Warren wanted me to take! Hmmmm... No comment.

 Carson tried cereal for the first time!

 And we went back to Sea World with dear friends.

August 2010
 We moved to Tennessee!

 Ben started school (he didn't want his picture taken the first day, but he loves his new school).

 Warren started Tender Treasures!

 Ben and his teacher!

 We watched our hummingbirds out the boys balcony! There were tons!

September 2010
 Daddy put up a tree swing!

 Carson learned to sit up.

We played with cousins. And taught him the right way to dress.

We went to a Tennessee fair!

 And Ben joined Upward Football.

October 2010
 Mommy and Daddy snuck off for a great weekend in Chattanooga.

 Warren's class had a field trip to Amazing Acres.

And Ben turned 7 years old!

We carved pumpkins... 
 And made monster brownies.

 We rode on horses...

And fire trucks.

And we dressed up like Phinneas, Ferb, and a monkey.

November 2010 
 We ran around and played in piles of leaves!

We ate pumpkin pie (with LOTS of whipped cream).

And Mommy made cornucopias out of crescent rolls.

December 2010
 Santa came to visit! 

 We had our first snow fall!

And then we had some more...

 And more!

 Ben and Daddy went to see ICE! in Nashville, while Mommy, Warren, and Carson went to FL for Christmas.

We spent Christmas in FL with Daddy's family. 

And then we came home and had Christmas with Mommy's family.

I wonder what we will end up doing in 2011!
Stay tuned!

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