Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Months

Carson is 10 months and I am sad to say I have started planning his 1 year birthday. Ugh. This year has just gone by too fast for my last baby.

At 10 months old, Carson:

  • is still sleeping through the night, mostly.
  • talking up a storm! I swear I heard "I did it," "hey boys," "CiCi," "Bye-Bye," and "kitty" (sounds more like kee).
  • eats 3 bottles a day and 3 meals a day. I am having a  really hard time finding food to give him since he wants to feed himself. His favorite food over everything is Yogurt Melts.
  • is crawling DOWN the stairs now by himself (and Momma is a nervous wreck).
  • really lets us know what he wants and doesn't want by grunting or screaming.
  • LOVES his big brothers.
  • mimics us when we laugh.
  • is still wearing cloth diapers mostly. Our favorite brand is Fuzzi Bunz. Love washing them in Rockin' Green.
  • busy, busy, busy. This was the worst photo shoot yet. He would NOT sit still. He's growing too fast!

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