Saturday, May 28, 2011


... oops, a day late!

This week we are on the good sick of being sick (still not well, but MUCH better). Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!!!

On Instagram this week:

I got our Summer Schedule 95% finished! There are still a couple of symbols I still need. My kids thrive on schedules and routine, especially during the summer. With this chart each circle represents what they are to do next. If they ask, Mommy, what's next? I can just say to go look at the schedule. I love it!

Ben is still doing baseball. This week Carson got to go to a game. His favorite part? Eating Daddy's leftover peanut hulls. Awe.some! 

I went to my first Bat Mitzvah. It was such a sweet service welcoming this young lady into the age of responsibility.

 We also had two birthday parties! I thought this cake was so cute! With three boys, I don't get to see many girly parties.

 We also had a playdate! Our first of the summer. It came as no surprise that my costume lover, Warren, loved putting on Darth Vader.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit! I am loving all the summer fruit that is in stock now!!! Here's my artsy Bowl of Cherries.

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