Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Week via Instagram

Last Saturday, Tyler was mowing the grass and had a lawn mower accident. He's realivly okay, but still hurt. He has a hematoma (bruise/blood clot) on the back of his right leg about the same size as a large grapefruit. Needless to say, he has been off of it all week. Next week, we will probably have to go to see a surgeon since it hasn't gotten ANY better. 

Anyways, here is our crazy week in Instagram pictures.

Carson eating crackers on the couch with Daddy. He got into this position all by himself.

Carson and I had a crash outside this week. Poor baby fell onto the concrete and hurt his head.

Ben started the tournament in baseball this week. Monday night he got his first hit and eventually made it home and score a point! This is HUGE!!! We have worked all season with him and this is his first hit. He also got the game ball! I'm so proud!

Carson loves bananas. Can you tell? {grin}

YEsteraday, Warren and I went to visit my grandfather, Poppa. So sweet!

How was your week?

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Jamie said...

hey ashley! thanks for your comment on my blog! i LOVE those curtains to (but they are a friends-wish I could claim them as my own, i was at her house and snapped the pic) :) hehe. looks like you've had a busy, eventful week!! hope the guys feel better !
ps- would love a new follower!!!! :) and i *guess* i can follow you back-even though you're a Gator fan!! just teasing!!!

Ashley said...

Thanks, Jamie. Really- I'm not the Gator fan, but my hubby (who is) has totally corrupted all our sons. :( Thanks for reading! said...

Exellent Posts...
I like The photographies.