Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Deal Sites

You are probably aware of the latest buzz and the hottest deal-a-day sites around the internet, but here are some that I use personally.

They have LOTS of locations. Right now they are running speakers and a brownie steal.

Right now, they have a Netflix trial and you get a $20 credit to their site. I have done this and received my credit. You just have to click through from their site and sign up for a free trial to Netflix. I didn't even have to stay subscribed to Netflix to get this credit!

Not one of my favorites, but they have had some great steals in the past. They do have great [escape] steals. We actually bought one to return to the b&b where we got married!

Cute new deal site usually with accessories. homegoods, and vinyl.

Another cute new deal site. Right now they are offering a necklace, tutu, spices and a burlap banner.

This was formerly LilLuxe.com. They offer products for kids everyday.

Today they are offering organic clothes for babies, nursery bedding, and diaper bags. They are not always offering so many baby items; generally its a good mix of products.

Love this new site. It's all stores from Etsy.com (quite possibly my favorite shopping destination).

Gotten some great deals from them. Love that they offer local deals as well as national.

Today they are offering water bottles from SIGG and silk ties.

Today they are offering jewelry, Real Simple subscription, and Dr Seuss Prints.

Now- what's your favorite deal site?

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